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Jeugdtheater BrOnks - finalist, pp.98-105
by Diane Gray
M3 Modern Architecture 4 (CH)
BrOnks Youth Theatre, Brussels, pp.292-295
Canopy House, Belgium, pp.338-341
ISBN 978-988-15703-6-9
Mies van der Rohe Prize 2011 - press release Flemish Community
Bronks Youth Theatre : A Delicate Balance
by Thomas Daniell
DOMES (GR) - 2011 march
Spaces of Spectacle - Bronks Youth Theatre Brussels, pp.52-63
published in Athens, Greece
Bronks Youth Theatre in 'Procuring Innovative Architecture' - 2010
Europe : Belgium, pp.69-74
by Leon van Schaik, Geoffrey London with Beth George
book published by Routledge, Oxon, England
PI 4 (NL) - 2009 Aug-Sept
Bronks Youth Theatre _ A Theatre with a Ply, pp.60-63
by Dierter Van Den Storm
DE ARCHITECT (NL) - 2009 July-Aug
Bronks Youth Theatre _ Window onto the world, pp.54-59
by Véronique Boone
MARK 20 (NL) - 2009 June-July
Canope House _ 'I just say boo', pp.120-125
by David Keuning
DOMUS 926 (I) - 2009 June-Sept
Bronks Youth Theatre Brussels _ The dense and "pleated" building by the MDMA studio houses an interactive youth art centre, pp.123-126
by Raymund Ryan
in 'Urban Retrofitting'
A10 (NL) 27 - 2009 May-June
The opening of the Bronks Youth Theatre By MDMA in the centre of Brussels puts an end to seventeen years of peripatetic theatre making, pp.40-42
by Véronique Boone
MASTERING ARCHITECTURE - Becoming a creative Innovator in Practice (AUS) - 2005
'Zone 1 : The individual in Mastery - The natural history of the Creative Practitioner - case studies : Martine De Maeseneer, pp.48-50
by Leon van Schaik
book published by the Wiley-Academy, London, England
VOLUME 2 (NL) - 2005
Forced to do (almost) nothing, pp.44
by Ole Bouman,
in 'Doing (almost) nothing'
HUNCH 6/7 (NL) - 2003 July 
109 Provisional Attemts to address six simle and hard questions about what architects do today and where their profession might go tomorrow. pp.325-334
by Roemer van Toorn and Jennifer Siegler, 
with ¨Aperitif Time¨
book published by The Berlage Institute Report

ABITARE 417 (I) - 2002 May
The Passe-Partout House, p.194
in 'Olanda', Amsterdam Java
DE ARCHITECT (NL) - 2001 Jan
Martine De Maeseneer adds to her multifaced store of knowledge, pp.44-49
by Olv Klijn & Joks Janssen
ARCHIS - 2000 Oct
Commercial building in Dilbeek by Martine De Maeseneer, pp.44-48 + cover
by Arthur Wortmann
DE ARCHITECT (NL) - 2000 Sept
Conceptual and experimental at once - Industrial building transformed, 
pp. 40-47+ cover
by Janny Rodermond
DE ARCHITECT (NL) - 2000 July
Conceptual and experimental at once - industrial building transformed
by Janny Rodermond, pp.40-47 + cover
MAMA 24 (SV) - 1999
Flemish Architecture - a Nostalgic Reflection, pp.8-21
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ARCHIS - 1998 June
Architectural Politics in Flanders and in Wemmel, p.6
by Paul Vermeulen
in 'controvers'
DE ARCHITECT (NL) - 1998 Febr
An Upside-Down World - Work by Martine De Maeseneer, pp.28-35
by Caroline Bos
in the issue 'Broadening the Architectonic Field of Vision', with editorial by Janny Rodermond, pp.20-21
ARCHIS - 1997
by Ole Bouman
exhibition review
TRANSITION 56 (AUS) - 1997
Coarse Architecture, p.76-78
by Leon van Schaik
a book review of 'Ideality-3-Lost'
"LA GRANDE ET@GERE, objets trouvés/THE BIG SHELF, Lost and Found", CDrom, Paris (FR)
"LA GRANDE ET@GERE, objets trouvés/THE BIG SHELF, Lost and Found", CDrom - on the occasion of the traveling group exhibition
by Yves Nacher IFYA
BAUWELT 42 (DE) - 1996 Nov
Kleinarbeit, pp.2420-2421
by André Loeckx
in 'Flandern'
EASTERN DOCKLANDS AMSTERDAM - New Architecture on Historic Ground
A canal house for the Java Island, p.103
by Egbert Kosteer
book published by Architectura&Natura, Amsterdam
Villa Cabrio in the chapter 'Culture/Architecture', pp.322-323
by Arthur Wortmann
book published by Bonaventura-Kluwer-Het Spectrum
ARCHIS - 1994 Jan (NL)
Kanttekeningen bij een meesterwerk - Sjoerd Soeters', urban scheme for the Java-Island Amsterdam, pp.44-51
by Arthur Wortmann
A+U (JAP) - 1993 Sept-Oct
Chance Affiliations, pp.22-23
by Robert Somol
DE ARCHITECT 3 (NL) - 1993 June
Recent work of Martine De Maeseneer : Seeing versus Knowing,  pp.56-63
by Annette Marx
Chance Affiliations, pp.20-21
by Robert Somol
catalogue for the exhibition curated by Stanley Tigerman in Gallery 400 of the School of Architecture, UIC
DE ARCHITECT (NL) - 1991 May
The shop as part of the town, pp.56-57
bublished in Hague, Netherlands