Margi-texture (margin and texture)
a foyer in a concert hall and art center
Antwerp, 1993 - 2006

We worked with polyester strips; poured in a mould and cut with a high pressure water beam to get the texture in.
With these polyester strips we could lit up the bar top (blue marker line) and a step up to a seating area (red marker line).
The glass cabinet is built up out of 3 layers of distinct materials in front of an existing concrete wall. Metal cases hold shelves out of glass, we finished that with an illuminate blue polyester layer and a wooden front. Where the wooden front is concerned, the composition is such that TV-swing doors can flap open and disappear in horizontal and [...]vertical slits. The cabinet can be lit from the inside out.
The openings in the glass cabinet are at the base of a 50% projection of the wall structure outside and in front. (fig)
The seating area again is brought 1 step up so that people sitting at table won't disappear behind the backs of those drinking at the bar.


1997 - Vlaanderen Nieuwe Architectuur 1987-1997 (BE)
Gran-D-Card,housing project & Margitexture, Foyer deSingel